Wednesday, May 02, 2007


so i spent this evening armed with my baby bottle brush and josh's clearly coffee. this allowed me to quickly knock out the full cleaning regimen for the chemex and all my cafetiéres.

again, what i love about clearly coffee is that it's blue. so it's easy to see when it's all rinsed away -- no more blue.

and you dear readers: have you been taking good care of your coffee brewers lately? or are you among those with the tell-tale brown ring of coffee oil build up on the edge of your press pot lid?

hmm? don't worry, i won't tell.

but you should give those pots a squirt of josh's magic blue. no scrubbing required.

now tomorrow i can enjoy don schoenholt's gillies triple-picked sumatra lintong, the kuda mas, for breakfast in a squeaky clean pot. long-time readers know this is one of my ultra-favorite coffees.

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