Friday, May 25, 2007

the tanah tinggi as espresso

ho! i bet you all thought i'd never get around to jessica's batdorf organic sumatra tanah tinggi as a single-origin espresso.

but of course i pulled 2 doubles of this morning on beautiful caesar vibiemme. this coffee's very easy to work with; i scarcely had to adjust the mazzer mini beyond the usual arrow point.

espresso preparation seemed to concentrate the tobacco & and spice in this bean. and of course as a sumatra it displayed thick, bountiful crema and a heavy, buttery body that clung to the back of a demitasse spoon like thick turkey gravy.

all good.

on a side note, long-time readers may recall my love song to da vinci gourmet. i do like their sugar-free simple syrup, and when my husband wants a flavored latte, he always takes their white chocolate syrup.

so today i get one of these email marketing surveys from them. i go over, and it's just an endless slog, page after page of endless questions with repetitive answers on a scale of 1 to 5.

i got tired of it fast, and frankly abandoned it. why don't online marketers learn to make these things short and sweet?

so i wrote the marketing guy and told him why i gave up on him. and you know what?

he actually wrote me back, offering a free bottle of syrup if i'd finish the thing! wow - see there's a reason to fall in love with da vinci again, after all!

ok ok, i'll put it on my list for this holiday weekend. . .

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