Wednesday, May 09, 2007

um, sez who, tea drinkers?

"but yirgacheffe coffee struggles to make money. its floral, spicy aroma is not attractive to western tastebuds, and so it fetches an inferior price."

long-time readers know i'm a big proponent of the coffee farmers and have long inveighed against the conditions that create the so-called "coffee crisis" – which, by the way, despite the recent higher market prices, still isn't over. and it won't be over until coffee has been de-commodified.

so i was down with this bbc article about the structural injustices of the coffee market until i struck the line above. because everyone knows that true coffee connoisseurs adore ethiopian coffees.

i don't think i could even count how many posts here in which over the years i have extolled one kind of yrg or another. from david schoenholt's gillies lemon-candy yrg, to the hama, to the amazing finch wa, to jessica's lavender dream, her kello, to klass van der kaaij's famous apricot nectar – the list of mind-blowing yrgs just goes on and on and on.

all of these coffees were highly appreciated by coffee lovers and sold for major dollars at auction. yrgs are highly regarded both by professionals and consumers!

remember, oren won a roaster's guild award with his!

so the bbc just blew its cred on that bit. pity.

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