Wednesday, May 23, 2007

who needs a tea pot anymore?

"the uk coffee shop market is set to nearly double in size over the next decade, new research has predicted. . .

"having grown at more than 15% annually for the past eight years, the market is set to expand further to 6,000 outlets with estimated turnover of more than £2.5b within seven to 10 years, according to consultancy allegra strategies."

long-time readers will recall the day bccy linked to the stats confirming what many of us had suspected; that the british had switched from a tea-drinking majority to a nation of coffee lovers.

and that's a-gonna double in just 10 years? i know many people are shocked to discover that japan is the planet's 3rd largest coffee importing country (they're not a majority tea country any more either) and we all know china (and here) and india are moving fast to coffee.

this is of course the best way to raise coffee farmers out of poverty and to encourage coffee agriculture, so we coffee drinkers can enjoy higher-quality beans. increasing consumption globally – reaching out to educate in places historically into tea, as well as in coffee-producing countries themselves – should remain a top priority for all those who appreciate coffee as a fine beverage!

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