Thursday, May 17, 2007

yoga lines in bklyn

of course i was thrilled to finally get the announcement that the local yoga business omala has finally opened a physical store. of course i support local bklyn designers and also renewable, environmentally friendly fabrics like bamboo.

now the problem with too many lines of chic yoga clothing is that frankly, they're not cut for "real-sized" people. the clothes will say large, but actually be a stick-skinny size 6.

this to my mind is anti-yoga, which should be about compassionately accepting all body types. long-time readers know i've written about the yoga clothes dilemma before.

so i called tamara of omala and asked her point-blank: what's a size large? and she replied it's a 12-14; that the clothes are cut a little generously.

i was a skeptical, but she pointed me to the pix of the "ipod dress," the general after-yoga cover-up. it's cute.

i want one, even tho' above-the-knee isn't usually my style.

and as you can see from this shot, the model is a real human being with a chest and hips. she's a beautiful woman of color with an actual female-shaped body.

well, that's excellent! but i also personally would encourage the designers to add an extra-large 14-16.

i can't wait to go try this dress on. also, the side drawstring on the yoga pant is very good – it's a pain to try to do a nice paschimottasana only to have a big knot of drawcord hit you in the diaphragm!

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