Wednesday, June 20, 2007

interesting note


I just saw your posting on cafestol, coffee and cholesterol.....

just to let you know that there was a mistake on the original press release regarding this study... it has now been corrected on the BCM website. The mistake was that 5 cups of French press coffee amount to 10-13 milligrams of cafestol (not 30mg as originally reported), which raises cholesterol by 6-8%....

each cup of French press contains about 2.6mg of cafestol..... just thought that you might like to know...


(Yes - I am the one who did the study.. in case you're wondering!)"

wow! thank you, marie-louise, author of the study!

i had no idea bccy was a must-read for the coffee science crowd too! very pleased to have you here, marie-louise.

i do hope you stop by more often. thank you for such a gracious and personal note.

and in other news, don schoenholt's promised coffee shipment from gillies finally arrived. yummy!

a half pound of his 167th anniversary yemen. yuppers, dear readers, you read that right – 167, which makes don the 12th oldest continuously functioning business in new york city, and the oldest amercian coffee roaster.

that's why it's called gillies i840 after all!

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