Tuesday, June 26, 2007

the mark of zorro

it's quite a shock to go from the gillies winey, spicy yemen to yesterday's gmcr tanzania gombe. it's an scaa flavor wheel workout, for sure.

i'm calling the gombe's roast level a vienna+: ragged looking beans with patches of oil, and a few "elephant ears" or shells. by which i don't mean peaberries or caracols, but the defect called shells.

anyway, i chemexed this coffee at the usual oren proportion. even as i ground the beans, their floral fragrance seeped across the kitchen.

done brewing at 4 minutes, i took a sip: whoosh! like a fencing foil across the tongue. this baby is bright, bright, a classic razor-bright coffee.

really, it was a mark of zorro moment.

i'd have said it was a kenya aa at this point. once the coffee cooled a bit, a passion fruit tartness also sprung to the fore, balanced out by a honeyed character.

i'd say there's a light milk-chocolate aftertaste, not that you notice with your clothes in tatters. douglas fairbanks? he went thattaway. . .

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