Friday, June 29, 2007

more goats

well, a friend of mine said he stopped reading this blog "once he got to the goats," but what can i do? coffee might seem boring until you drink it!

which is always the purpose of this blog – to describe the passion and romance inherent in tasting coffee. oh, there is no doubt that coffee is the most seductive beverage!

so, i felt sorry for my poor friend, who hasn't tasted the nutty sweetness of jessica's batdorf dancing goats as an espresso. of course today my regular goat shipment came, without fail!

thanks jessica! there's really nothing as relaxing as a batdorf cappuccino and the morning paper. . .as i was walking home with my fresh coffee, i passed the local at&t store in bklyn.

i counted: the 175 people in line seemed cheerful, patient, chatting quietly among themeselves. newscameras were trained on the door. . .i'm buying mine online at apple waaay late tonight.

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