Friday, July 27, 2007

fresh coffee in da house

yeah yeah i know: the iphone is so addictive and overwhelming, when i have time to blog why ever would i talk about anything else? just get one, ok?

but really, coffee continues to be the most passionate and romantic beverage the world has ever known. not only did the lovely jessica of batdorf send the never-usual life-saving dancing goats, but oren waved his magic roaster to manifest some of the most fragrantly fresh beans you could dream of.

you have no idea how many times today i've been accosted on the streets carrying his beans around! he sent me his latest colombia soatle huila, the guatemala coban marago (oren's coban is a beautiful, beautiful thing), and of course the tried and true beowulf espresso.

which one smells best? honestly the colombia is intoxicating like a fresh brown-sugar milk-caramel vanilla candy.

and i haven't even opened the bag! omigod: the chemex comes out tomorrow.

oren. oren. oren.

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