Tuesday, July 17, 2007

iphone battery life, redux

today i saw my first iphone low battery warning – the blue pop-up bubble that reminds you you're down to just 20% of the battery. and i've clocked past 24hrs on the counter now, well beyond my first post.

so another 20% would give me about another 5hrs, for a total of 29-30 on my very first charge! if it's true that the iphone battery "wears out" after 400 full charges, then hey, it looks like this baby's gonna be good for what?

4 years of use? i'll see what the second charge is like, but my personal experience right now suggests that these iphone battery issues so many reviewers supposedly identified apply only to those who don't exercise common-sense power management.

or perhaps my practice of turning features on only when i intend to actually use them is extreme? nah. . .

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