Monday, July 23, 2007

iphone saves my life

due to various reasons that aren't possible to explain here, the serious floods in the uk impaired network access for some people at a certain location in my firm. i happened to be affected by this when i went to that location for a meeting very early in the morning.

this meant plugging in your laptop to the system wouldn't work in the usual way. . .i won't bother with all details.

but suffice it to say i spent the morning working pretty normally by switching to my iphone, which is more like a mini-computer than a regular smartphone – if set up with care.

i was surfing away, getting calls, checking mail, all that. why the pundits say iphone can't be used for business, i don't know.

sure it may not connect with certain corporate email situations, but when those are down, everyone switches to their personal accounts anyway. in the end, i was one of few people who managed to get even half my normal stuff done today.

iphone is free to fly
, if i may paraphrase elton john.

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