Monday, July 09, 2007

iphone stylin'

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ok ok so it's probably obnoxious if i tell you all that i'm living in my iphone these days, drinking gillies yemen. sue me, i don't care; i love my pink iphone incase!

my only gripes about the iphone are that you can't cut & paste from email into contact information and that sometimes when you set up wi-fi, the iphone won't connect to it unless you do a quick reset. the iphone seems to prefer the at&t network first, and if it feels that is a little stronger, it will just toss you over the "edge" instead of using the wi-fi.

finally, that the calendar doesn't keep my various flavors of appointments (home, work, etc) separate and syncing correctly is also a must-fix issue. i think these can all be addressed with system upgrades.

i went this evening to the apple store in soho to attend the "advanced iphone" seminar. one of those laurie anderson and her iconic hairstyle types was sitting behind me.

both of us felt the apple rep presenting didn't have a good grasp of the phone. she didn't even know the dots that appear on the bottom of the screen in some modes could be used for paging from one item to another!

c'est la vie: but she did say applecare for the iphone was coming and that it would probably cost US$69.

i think overall that most of the iphone reviews i've read are classic "perfection is the enemy of the extremely mind-blowing."

those fanbois just expect the effing impossible and have no sense of proportion. the iphone is a break-through device that i love using, unlike my old motorola phone, which i dreaded.

walking down the street with ms. pink in bklyn this evening, 3 people stopped me and asked to see it. they stared at it with wide, lustful eyes. . .

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