Sunday, July 15, 2007

the kenya geisha, redux

as long-time readers know, each method of coffee brewing highlights various aspects of the bean. the finest flavor nuances are best seen by vac pot brewing; while body is showcased by the cafetiére.

this afternoon i brewed yesterday's astonishing batdorf kenya geisha in the french press, according to the usual scaa guidelines. the body comes out like an indonesian – thick and velvety.

as expected, the sparkle's much reduced. but this rhubarb-y kinda thing does in fact show up.

and this was pretty amazing, as i wouldn't have ever thought to see a sour-ish (in a good way, like a sour apple candy) rhubarb in any coffee. i'm still drinking it black; it requires neither milk nor sugar.

still, i think the vac pot renders this coffee better. i'll chemex it tomorrow, but these truly fine coffees almost always benefit from vacuum brewing the most.

many many thanks to jessica for this one! the history of the oakland estate on which this coffee was grown seems unusual too.

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