Sunday, July 29, 2007

nice mention of our friends

"Flat White, an award-winning café in London's Soho that opened two years ago, has carved out a niche by specialising in a no-expense-spared version of the Antipodean-style frothy coffee from which it takes its name. The company is now looking to expand.

'What we offer over the chains is a much higher attention to detail and more of a community feel,' says Cameron McClure, the New Zealander who was one of Flat White's founder baristas.

'The big guys are really just making coffee drinking more widespread, which ends up creating demand for us.'

'Those people who can tell the difference end up searching out something better. Our business works by taking an artisan approach that's much more labour intensive than the competition are able to offer.'

Flat White buys its beans from The Monmouth Coffee Company, another small, London-based operator that has thrived in the face of competition by adopting an approach more akin to fine wine than coffee."

nice piece! those english: tea-drinkers no more!

long-time readers will recall my visit to monmouth and even the nice impromptu cupping i had there! congrats to my pals at monmouth. . .

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