Saturday, July 07, 2007

tickle me woz

so my iphone a.k.a. "tickle me woz" arrived yesterday, and i tried to activate it last night. ran into the usual problems, called at&t this morning.

where of course i received the usual "i could care less, so drop dead" response. more than a little aggrieved, i wandered down there and had yet another non-stellar at&t experience.

of course at&t is well-known for its ability to take otherwise reasonable people and turn them into raving anger monsters at olympic-record speeds – i think it's a required skill to pass their employee training course – so finally i just moved to another customer rep.

and she was a gem. the only helpful at&t employee i have ever encountered in my life.

her name is tiffany edwards, and she fixed it all for me in 5 minutes. those of you in brooklyn with iphone issues, get yourself down to at&t on court & montague to see tiffany.

tiffany is the goddess!

the only other iphone issue i had after activation was the wi-fi set up. to get safari to use the wi-fi and not the edge network, i had to reset the iphone after activation.

but now it's a dream. so i'm listening to charlie parker and typing away.

the keyboard is great. i took no time to learn to type with it at all. . . .the word correction guesser is amazingly accurate.

the tickle-me-woz's a keeper.

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