Friday, August 24, 2007

on the iphone unlock

of course the entire internet was abuzz today with the iphone unlock. it was like xmas all over the world.

but the issue that must be addressed – by at&t – is why? why did so many fanbois devote themselves to this odd task?

not just because of a weird principle about open networks. no, it's a direct statement about how much everyone everywhere loathes at&t.

if their executives don't yet have customer satisfaction as part of their compensation package, well, it's almost too late to start. can you imagine how it must feel to work at one of the world's most despised companies?

i mean, no amount of re-branding is going to overcome the intense negative emotion. . . okay, open hatred . . . inspired by at&t. if i were a shareholder, i'd be shaking management by the lapels with rage.

the pity is, it could all have been avoided. at&t could have generally treated its customers better.

but years of arrogance and abuse have brought us to the point that no, it's a global party to stick a finger in their eye.

no doubt now all my friends overseas will be skyping me to beg me to find a way to smuggle them an iphone v.a.t.-free.

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