Friday, August 24, 2007

the purple princess alights

woo-hoo! long-time no-hear-from one of bccy's oldest pals, peter g. of counterculture.

but today he kindly sends on his most personal and special coffees, a bean close to his heart – the honduras finca el puente, a.k.a. the purple princess, so called for its shimmering lavender fragrance and lovely fruit aroma.

when you think of coffee fragrance, you rarely think purple flowers from france, but as ted lingle always says "coffee is infinite: the wheel is just a guide to the mountaintop where you go on alone and gaze into forever."

the potential of coffee, its romantic and passionate allure: yes it is most powerfully found in these rare perfumes. everything you could want in coffee is there to be found if you devote yourself to the search.

the finca el puente's a relationship coffee: peter's known the caballero family for years on a personal level, and indeed they visit each other back and forth. the finca el puente's just a coffee that you identify, not only with that specific family, but also peter – drinking it just tells you a lot about who peter is!

so i'm very happy to have this year's purple princess. i'll be brewing it tomorrow afternoon before my regular visit to supermodel central, and of course after my staple bean for the morning cappuccino, jessica's marvelous batdorf dancing goats!

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