Sunday, August 12, 2007

quite remiss

forgive me all i have been quite remiss in posting. . .especially to thank everyone for their great coffees!

i truly enjoyed unclebeanz 2 samples, the wonderful taina and the la castano. i don't understand why artisan coffees in the latin style like this aren't taking the nyc area by storm.

will somebody please fund norman vasquez so he can open his retail location? because his business niche -- upscale latin consumers -- is a no-brainer. that's a 5-store chain off the bat.

and of course jessica's always delicious dancing goats, the batdorf coffee on which my life runs. basically, due to the demands of this work project, i no longer eat or sleep but just live on the goat.

after aug. 20 i'll tell you how that all went down!

in the meantime, thanks to you all for your patience. i will be back very soon!

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