Monday, October 15, 2007

the glorious andrew b. offers c.o.e. salvation!

ooh ooh ooh. it seems like a dog's age since the fabulous andrew b. of ecco sent coffee!

now i realize what's been missing from my life! but seriously, along with jessica's can't-live-without batdorf dancing goats, andrew's northern italian espresso is a favorite in the bccy household.

and, as always, andrew's so generous with the c.o.e. goodness! today it's an organic nicaraguan prize-winner, with a cupping score above 90!

grown by farmer milton canales on the las termopilas estate in nueva segovia, it's a high-grown caturra! andrew lists it as grown at nearly 4,600 feet.

oh, we love high-grown coffees here at bccy. a wet-processed coffee, it's apparently completely sun-dried, meaning this should be a bright, floral and fruity cup.

with a roast date of the 11th, i can't wait to brew it tomorrow in the vac pot. thank you, andrew!

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