Sunday, December 16, 2007

finally a real vibiemme manual

long-time readers recall that i presently have 3 espresso machines: my beloved italian princess, the rancilio silvia (it's interesting to note how this machine has held its value – i could easily sell it for what i paid for it since it is in excellent condition!); my steamy latin sweetheart, carlos expobar (thanks as always, wll!); and of course, caesar vibiemme from jim of 1st-line.

everyone knows the italo-inglese of the standard vibiemme manual is, um, difficult at best and unhelpful at worst. so jim has sent out a great illustrated pdf, more than 30 pages long, of everything you need to know about caesar.

it is most excellent. i adore caesar, he can have my whole kitchen!

thanks so much jim; caesar has been a great addition to my life and makes great coffee with ease.

how i developed my relationship with caesar without it? well, caesar isn't too bad really, but this manual does provide some great hints on descaling, temperature adjustment, and gasket replacement!

fantastic work, jim.

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