Thursday, December 13, 2007

yes i am alive!

sorry for the long delay, folks, but vacations happen. i went to jamaica, where among many other things, i visited the twyman's old tavern estate and walked through wallenford.

young david twyman is energetic and passionate; his lovely mother dorothy is as delicate as a bird. she roasts the beans in her diedrich, and prefers her coffee dark to accent the chocolate flavors.

drinking the twyman's dark roast is exactly like making a great cup of mild island coffee and then melting a dark chocolate candy bar in it. oh yum.

i also hiked up a road through the dennis estate (hi james!), where mr. right chatted up some coffee pickers briefly.

hurricane dean in august roared through, ruined the roads, and tore up the trees. in some places the shading banana trees were taken down, really affecting growth.

also, a longer than normal rainy season, which the farmers attributed to global warming, made everything too wet for too long. this caused david twyman to fear that fungus would take root; he was hoping for much sun from now on.

i have many pictures of driving-thru-the-landslides in the cloudforest until you get to the place in "downtown" section where the road washed out, leaving a gaping break about 100 feet long that plunges 2500 feet straight down. a twisted tongue of asphalt dangles in space.

that's when you push the car through the dennis estate road and hike around the hill with the pickers!

but now back in sleet-storm noo yawk, i'm greeted with a loving care package from long-time bccy pal mark inman of taylormaid. oooh ooh ooh.

wonderful organic coffees, his red rooster, the goat rock, fave espressi a and 0, a couple of fantastic single origins. . .the one i'm drinking tomorrow readers is the fair-trade uca miraflor natural reserve.

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