Saturday, February 01, 2003


today i had the distinct pleasure of receiving an email from well-respected ashtangi eddie stern. proving that he is a sensible fellow with the correct priorities, he informed me that he drinks lavazza blend coffees at home from his own giannina moka pot.

long-time readers are aware that lavazza is the favorite espresso brand in italy; it's said that nearly 70% of italians drink lavazza. this leads some of lavazza's competitor's to sneer that it is the folgers of italy.

however, as all of us who've had the pleasure of taking an espresso in italy know, fresh lavazza can be mighty fine indeed. which you can never say of that stuff in the red can. . .

the question that immediately leaps to my mind is: where the heck is he managing to get fresh lavazza beans and not that stale stuff that's been sitting too long on the grocery shelf? does he mail order from sovrana? whole latte love?

or does he have a source i don't know about yet? this, dear readers, is the burning query of the hour!

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