Friday, November 21, 2008

googling andrew barnett's fazenda cachoieta

deep joy ensued here when i received a message from long-time bccy pal andrew barnett that a pound of his ecco fazenda cachoieta brazil yellow bourbon for espresso was on its merry way. i had to find out more about this bean.

so i picked up my iphone, tapped the new google voice-activated search app - oh i was so happy to see google geek mike labeau! finally, a guy who listens so he can give me exactly what i want - and just started talking at the sound of the tone. now the first time you use the google voice search app, you may not get the best result, because you can't speak too fast or too slow.

for example, when i installed it, the first name i tested was robin hanson. but i was too fast, and google app thought i said "robinson." second try, i was too slow, and google app starting search at just the "robin," which gave me a nice wikipedia article on little birds. but i had the hang of it by the third try and got, well, robin hanson.

now confident in my ability to talk to that google cutie mike labeau through my beloved iphone in a way that boys could hear, i just said "andrew barnett coffee fazenda" and mike ran out to get me "andrew barnett coffee." which got me to a dining article about ecco, and then a link back here to bccy! poor mike just couldn't catch that "fazenda." work on that, ok, dreamboat?

the next search i tried thru mike was "oren bloostein coffee jamaican," in honor of oren's awesome jamaican blue mountain, which is what i'm drinking this week. but mike absolutely couldn't handle that, he tried "korean bluestein coffee jamaican." well, mike's young, we'll wait for mike 0.3.2.

both of these exquisite coffees, by the way, are highly recommended.

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