Saturday, October 27, 2001

ahh. . .the italgi jr./demoka m-203 grinder has arrived. . . and it is all good.

came yesterday; this morning i washed it, plugged it in, ground a couple of doses to see what would work best for silvia. started off where fellow coffee fanatic mark a. of fame had left it. mark a. has a pasquini livia, a super machine, and one a couple of steps up from my little silvia.

then for experiment's sake turned it back to 3, which was too fine for silvia. there are two sub-notches between 3 and 4, and i tried it at both of them. but 4 proper seems to do the trick for me.

at 4 i get the slow-syrup coffee after 8 seconds, where it dribbles out in little spiralling mousetails. i think the spiral may indicate my coffee's stale?

so after switching beans, and running some more trial shots, i did get some lovely shots, with the beautiful pompeii red crema you see on schomer's book (without the latte art, tho'!). this was the first time i had done this without brand-new fresh-ground coffee from some place like caffe d'arte or caffe orsini.

so a huge thank you, mark a. -- you're a real gentleman with whom it's a pleasure to do business!

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