Tuesday, October 30, 2001

i swear this is the last post about the grinder. . .

while the italgi jr and the demoka m-203 look very similar, i have now learned that they actually have different burrs; the italgi has conical burrs, while the demoka has flat parallel burrs. in general, coffee fanatics believe the conical burrs grind the coffee more evenly and so are superior. (see picture at part 4 here.) now i'm double happy! i have a conical burr italgi grinder!

on the yoga front, i am still actively seeking space for my company's little yoga program. after talking to the lovely people at the yoga connection, i am also looking at some space in a dance center on ann st. both are only 2 or 3 blocks from the woolworth building, so that's great! still, if any readers have ideas about available space, please click a link to email me, or leave a comment below.

i have great chocolate news. . .but i'll save that for tomorrow. i think this weekend will definitely be cool enough to begin baking again. i'm thinking pizza, pizza, pizza. . .

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