Friday, October 26, 2001

the new york times gettin' hip to espresso. . .

r.w. apple -- the legendary political journalist, famed phrasemaker and well-known coffee lover -- writes on coffee while in italy, chatting up dr. ernesto illy of illy caffe fame.

while the byzantine workings of capitol hill don't faze apple, chemistry does seem to. . emulsion, dispersion, colloidal. . poor apple. colloidal suspension vs. colloidal dispersion. . .somebody give him a chemical dictionary! the difference seems mainly to be in the stability of the substance; one will settle out, the other won't. . .

chemistry whizzes, please chime in here!

apple does seem to worship illy, and no doubt few know as much about coffee than he does, even though most coffee fanatics find illy's product a tad under-roasted. i myself haven't used illy with my silvia. . .maybe i should give it another try. . illy packs all its coffee in argon gas to prevent staling, but of course, once you've opened it at home, it's gonna stale fast. . .unless you can vac pack it yourself!

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