Friday, November 09, 2001

although we don't have an espresso machine at my office, that doesn't stop up from having some serious coffee. . .

that's right -- i just bought your basic bodum chambord french press (or cafetiere to you coffee snobs!), an electric kettle, and a can of medium-roast medium-grind illy. this i shared out today among the four of us in my workgroup. and i must say i didn't drink more than half of it!

my starbucks-enslaved co-workers actually gave the illy a try and seemed to have liked it. so i think we may soon be having illy every day. it might make the illy by mail order plan a good idea (i like the concept of no charge for shipping or handling, but how many cans are in a case???). . . at least until the alderwood-roasted coffee comes next week from caffe d'arte!

i suggest those of you suffering silently with your average office coffee try this method yourselves. you'll be glad you did!

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