Saturday, November 17, 2001

i awoke yesterday feeling patchy, but i had to buck up because i knew i had to be well enough to make the chocolate show. it's fabulous. tomorrow is the last day, and i highly encourage everyone to go.

there's so much to say: i saw renowned pastry chef francois payard make a coconut cake; but, frankly, i've always felt he's overrated. other chefs demonstrated chocolate biscotti, brownies with guittard chocolate, and candies molded on the spot from tempered chocolate. . .with free samples for everyone.

you'll be hearing a lot more about everything later. but i have to tell you the real find: the pure thing, the one divine object that transformed my consciousness even through the haze of cold medicine.

and it's the knipschildt truffle. the white-chocolate/cardamom candies molded like playing cards, the two-inch gilt cones of chili/tangerine chocolate, the black-currant ganache hearts: they pale before the perfect thing, the ultimate truffle. made of valrhona chocolate, indonesian vanilla, fresh european double-cream butter. nothing else in the show, nothing else any where, even comes close. . .

you'll have excuse me while i go back to bed: is this dizziness from those perfect truffles or do i have a really bad flu.......?

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