Friday, November 23, 2001

returned today from thanksgiving with my in-laws in philly. . .where i had a spectacular example of latte art.

a quick breakfast at the four seasons hotel in philadelphia came with a lovely heart latte. . .beautiful and picture perfect in every detail. to pour a heart latte requires perfect control of the foam, what pro baristas call milk texturizing.

alas, it was all looks and no taste: the coffee itself was made with la colombe beans. i've tried their "nizza" beans here at home; at the hotel they served the "corsica" beans. and sad to say, despite these beans' renown, i've never had a good cup from them. . .after admiring the heart, i took a sip of the bitter stuff and gently stirred in a large sugar cube as carefully as i could.

hats off to the barista's milk skills; but what a thing of beauty could have been, had the hotel only used beans like caffe d'arte's!

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