Friday, December 14, 2001

do bread snobs exist? pizza snobs? of course! and so you can now meet the holiday needs of the snobby baker or pizza-lover:

  • king arthur flour; for hard-to-find equipment and the best flour for the home baker

  • sourdoughs international; for an exciting array of staters from around the world -- the sourdough fan will love 'em all, as each has its own unique characteristics

  • the bread bible; one of the most helpful and interesting books on bread, as well as being perhaps the most well-written. some have complained of errors in the instructions, but i've never encountered anything really serious

  • breads from the la brea bakery; innovative, interesting, but sometimes complex recipes

  • no need to knead; fun introduction to italian breads

  • the bread builders; for your inner food chemist, a truly technical book on sourdoughs, the physics of bread baking, and the science of wood-burning ovens

  • artisan baking across america; love this book, my own pizza crust is based on the author's

  • edwardo's famous stuffed pizza; for those pizza lovers who must have this chicago treat, edwardo's now ships 'em frozen. of course they are not quite as good as in the restaurant. . .but they're close!

  • chez panisse pizza, pasta and calzone; i love almost everything alice waters does. . .interesting ideas for pizza toppings and calzone here.

of course, this particular list could go on and on, but we have to reasonable don't we. . .sort of? mostly? anyway, my personal recipe for pizza crust, derived by maggie glezer (above) from the official neapolitan discipline is here.

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