Thursday, December 20, 2001

great news today!

after having a long and pleasant chat with a co-worker in my office about chocolate, (she's fond of neuhaus), i received an email from a long-time reader noting that according to alexa, this is the 392,325th most popular home page on the internet. this factoid totally cracks me up. doubtless i'll have to stay awake all night, scheming how to get into the top 100,000.

really, all this ranking of pages on search engines and by popularity seems so silly to me unless you're selling cars or something. imagine: you go to a party, where a very eloquent, intelligent and well-dressed person of whatever gender would work for you slips into the conversation: "my web page is the number home page on the internet." yuck -- considering the general taste of the mass public as revealed by the internet, don't you think that the top 250,000 sites are run by disgusting porno-kings?

i have read some other blogs whose esteemed writers discuss how their number one ranking on google gives them a sense of power. with all due respect to my fellow netizens: please, get a life! i agree with mike sanders on this one.

all we bloggers are doing is mumbling to ourselves from a small corner bench on the vast subway of the internet. untold strangers wander by and stare before slinking off with a sad shake of their weary heads. i swear, if i have to read another article about how keeping a web blog will change the course of civilization, i'm going to lock myself in the bathroom and wash my long blonde hair.

but seriously, that's all i'll be doing for a couple of days, since i seem to have tweaked my sacro-iliac during an overly ambitious seated spinal twist or ardha matsyendrasana yesterday. it's my first mild injury in two years of doing yoga. i'm trekking to the massage therapist this afternoon. . .oh, and thanks for your support, which has actually put me in the top 400,000!

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