Wednesday, December 05, 2001

let's talk about the holidays. . .

mr. right doesn't like rugelach, and i didn't know i did for the longest time. when i was a little girl in kansas, my great-grandmother irene would make deep-dish apple pie. then she would cut off the mile of extra pastry hanging from the edge; chill it; re-roll it; sprinkle it with raisins, cinnamon sugar and extra butter; roll it into a jellyroll; cut it up into bits and bake for 10 mins. we called them pie cookies.

but once i moved to new york, i discovered that they were basically rugelach. i find good ones addictive. so naturally today when scanning the pages of the august washington post, i find a recipe for chocolate rugelach filled with nutella, i had to pass it on to you.

i just might make some myself. . .

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