Thursday, December 06, 2001

my evil plans continue. . .

tomorrow at work i'm going to make a pot of starbucks and see if my co-workers will fall for it, or will they reject it for their new love, illy? three weeks since they've left the arms of house blend. . .i'm sure they'll notice it's not illy, but will they find it undrinkable??

i don't often weep in front of the tv, but this evening, i couldn't help myself. . .i love all the peanuts specials. the 1965 christmas special, a charlie brown christmas, is my favorite for the particular version of linus and lucy jazz composer vince guaraldi plays there. . .not so melancholy, but lively, with wit to spare. i have all the peanuts music, and i even recommend the versions done by george winston, which, oddly enough, make fun yoga music. good grief, make it the soundtrack to your life -- pick it up used and enjoy yourself!

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