Wednesday, December 19, 2001

those less fortunate among you may recall my recent rant against food writing.

if not, suffer it here. anyway, today i am pleased to see that i'm not alone. certainly one of the most dismal aspects of contemporary food writing is the modern recipe, and i specifically cited elizabeth david in my rant as a goddess. she certainly was the best recipe-writer i could imagine. of course, she had a real life; she wasn't some clog-footed graduate of the modern hotel school eager to get a tv show and slap her name on a brand of cookware. she was an artist and her recipes are literature.

so naturally i was pleased to see that the normally too-hip-for-its-own-good salon agrees with me. about time, i say!

you may recall i've been buying coffee for my little workgroup at the office. for the most part, they like illy. one person however is fond of flavored coffees, particularly french vanilla. many coffee snobs completely disdain flavored coffee, and i must say i can't disagree with them. most flavored coffees are inferior. however, i try to offer something for everyone on occasion, and i snooped around looking for recommendations for flavored coffee. i found barry jarret's riley's coffee.

so the french vanilla came. we made a pot this morning. mr. french vanilla pronounced himself satisifed; but honestly, it just doesn't do it for me at all. to my mind, if you want flavor in your coffee, use syrups. but not everyone wants such sweet coffee. . .

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