Sunday, December 09, 2001

well, i spent the day sipping minestrone and latte. . .

and it was memorable latte, for me at least: sick as a dog, half-aware of what i was doing, i lucked into my first good foam with the silvia.

good steamed milk isn't "foam" really -- actually it has the texture of yogurt, shines like a white chrome, and doesn't subside for a good long time. it totally lacks any stiff bubbles on top, but will leave a mustache when you drink it.

because i wasn't feeling so well, i pre-heated the silvia and went to sit down with the paper. i lost track of time; the sivlia must have heated for 40 mins., far longer than i usually heat her, and much longer than strictly "necessary." but then the miracle of foam happened!

clearly, it was luck, fresh, very cold milk, and a very hot machine. i'm sure i couldn't do it again if i tried. still, it shows me that perfect foam is in my reach!

maybe i should check out david schomer's video on milk steaming for professional baristas. . .i could learn something!

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