Friday, June 07, 2002

ok, the votes are in!

quite a few of you thought it would be fun to see what a bread, coffee, chocolate, yoga chat forum/bulletin board would be like. so here it is: bread coffee chocolate yoga forum.

this is hosted by ezboard. you will have to register to post; the reason for that is of course to prevent spammers, hackers, and other unwanted thugs. so please endure the ezboard registration process with patience, and do uncheck the box at the end so you don't get unwanted mailings from them. i hope you know, dear readers, that i would send a mass mailing only in extreme cases of nuclear attack, or something. i will never spam you with gunk, i promise.

this is only a test board. i may not keep it up if you don't participate. therefore, i'll integrate its colors and design with the rest of bread, coffee, chocolate, yoga only if enough of you join, post, and chat -- if it gets going as a community. i'll give it 3 months, ok? if it languishes, then i'll remove it. . .

i will moderate this board, which means i hope that all of you will be civil. ah, i know you will! but i must state here that i reserve the right to remove untoward posts at any time and even to ban users who blatantly and repeatedly offend against society. but debate, discussion, friendly dissension -- all that is encouraged. (walter, that means you.) friendliness, neighborliness, and respectful helpfulness will be rewarded!

flaming, spamming, other crucial offenses against the spirit of the community and general netiquette will bring my action. usually, everyone gets a second chance. but blatant repeat offenders and trolls will be banned without regret and in a trice. in short, i want the bread, coffee, chocolate, yoga community to be a place where everyone feels safe and welcome. . .so be among the first to try it out, start a topic, register. . .

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