Sunday, July 28, 2002

the doctor sez to eat your chocolate

that's right -- celebrity doctor andrew weil, known for promoting health and well-being through alternative medicine, suggests you start consuming more dark chocolate. why?

long-time readers know i've been quick to report mainstream, peer-reviewed medical studies showing that cocoa butter contains heart-healthy stearic acid and other great anti-oxidants.

dr. weil goes far enough to suggest that you should eat premium-quality dark chocolate at 70% cocoa content, preferably one whose first ingredients say "chocolate," and not sugar. i go beyond that to sugget you look for a bar without lecithin. chocolatiers often replace some of the cocoa butter in chocolate with lecithin. but now that we know how good cocoa butter is for you, you want every bit you can get!

however, i do think the story has an error. it has the doctor recommending an occasional 10 oz. bar. that's a little much. i think the story means 1 oz.; previous studies have shown that 1.5 oz. of premium-quality dark chocolate contains all the good stuff you need in a day!

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