Monday, July 01, 2002

seeking balance. . .

since i recently had a terrible experience to report regarding ashtanga yoga, i've been looking for a more positive thing to say. in fact, this article by a u.k. yogini is perhaps the best and fairest discussion i've seen of ashtanga in a long while.

again, i am reminded how helpful yoga could be to children, who are as a group battling obesity as never before. now that doctors are basically admitting they don't feel confident in techniques to help these children, i hope that national yoga organizations make an effort to work with pediatricians and insurers to demonstrate how yoga can help children improve their health and well-being, while avoiding stigma and self-esteem issues. yoga is inexpensive; childhood diabetes is not!

finally, i love this ad idea: spritzing newspapers with chocolate perfume! new zealand readers, check out the july 9th edition of the otago daily times.

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