Tuesday, July 09, 2002

strain no more

like most people nowadays, i type and type and type and type. i often find that the area right between my shoulderblades gets a tad tight, which is uncomfortable until i make it to my normal yoga class.

in times like these i resort to the famed my daily yoga site for desktop yoga. i think most people have heard of this site, but just in case. . .i'm doing exercise 13 right now!

i also want to point out yesterday's article by reporter peter fritsch in the wall street journal on the world coffee crisis and its attendant problems. i've written about it here often enough (for one of the least boring examples), so i won't go on now. it's just nice to know that the big media is finally starting to pick this up.

In lush coffee-growing regions from Central America to Africa, the collapse of world coffee prices is contributing to societal meltdowns affecting an estimated 125 million people, fritsch writes.

i'll offer the link, but since it's a subscription only site, you won't see anything. . .you'll have to make a run down to your local public library. . .or check out this thread on alt.coffee.

and yes, this is the shakeout of the new, new look. there are a couple small issues i'm working out, particularly with the commenting. but if you see any major problems, please use the link below to email me so i can see if this design will finally take! thanks. . .

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