Wednesday, August 21, 2002

coffee, chocolate may be potent cancer fighters

i've been saying for a while now that to be healthy you should eat your 1.4 oz. of bittersweet dark chocolate a day. and that there are advantages to a cup of coffee or two in the morning.

and there's yet another reputable, peer-reviewed, scientific study to prove this: the caffeine in coffee and theophylline in chocolate have proved to be effective in helping block cell growth and preventing blood clotting. this study, performed by english researchers, appears in the august edition of the journal of biological chemistry. it all has to do with these chemicals, kinases, that i've mentioned before. . .

the doctors hastily add that you shouldn't take this news as a opportunity to over-indulge. oh, we won't, we promise! but we just love these kinds of studies! we will stick to our moderate coffee intake (3 cups a day or less), and can definitely live with our 1.4 oz (about half a bar) of premium chocolate in the evening. . .

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