Monday, August 05, 2002

decaf re-examined

long-time readers know i personally am not a big decaf fan. however, i know some people have to drink it because they are allergic or very sensitive to caffeine.

the difficulty is that decaf usually just doesn't have the same depth of flavor and enjoyment as regular coffee. as a result, a cup of decaf can often be a disappointing experience. with this in mind, let me point you to a recent tasting of quality decafs by coffee expert and author kenneth davids that might be worthy of your consideration. . .the winner is a decaf sumatra mandheling dark roast from cc's coffee in baton rouge. since cc's website appears to be down as i write this, order over the phone. . .

accompanying this review is a nice explanation of the various decaf methods, which i think most coffee drinkers will find helpful.

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