Friday, August 30, 2002

never say die

long-time readers know that i have been searching for a great -- no, killer -- brownie recipe for quite some time. and i've made it pretty clear that i consider the brownies from the clove cafe to be the gold standard. (note that these are available by mail order at an amazingly reasonable price!)

but i long to make my own. i've tried different recipes. and today, i ran across another, based on one by renowned pastry chef alice medrich. now the problem to my mind with a medrich recipe is 2-fold: her full-fat recipes are delicious, but unreasonably complicated for the home, while her other recipes are all low-fat. in my experience, most low-fat recipes for baked goods offer products with inferior textures and reduced flavor. this is why people end up eating much more of the low-fat food than they would of the real thing; they are searching for something and they're not getting it!

despite these drawbacks, i'm going to take advantage of what appears will be a cool, wet holiday weekend and bake these brownies for mr. right. for those of you facing a hot weekend, try the chocolate sorbet also at that link.

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