Thursday, August 29, 2002

pan bagnat

really, few things in life are better than a pan bagnat on a nice crusty loaf of your home-made real bread.

it's an easy way to make a sandwich for a crowd -- just slice the whole of a miche, ciabatta, focaccia, or other flattish loaf in half lengthwise, pile with ingredients, drizzle with oil, put the top of the loaf back on, wrap the thing tight in plastic wrap, and weight with a heavy plate. in a few hours the loaf compresses; everything has mingled and soaked in the bread, bathing it in deliciousness. bathed bread -- pan bagnat.

these sandwiches are common in italy and the south of france. there are many recipes. for example, that of nice. need a more exact recipe? but with fancy italian-style canned tuna now all the rage, this article has a recipe worth checking out. you can immediately elevate this dish by copying snooty french genuis chef daniel boulud and using quail eggs in the sandwich along with freshly grilled medium-rare tuna.

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