Saturday, September 28, 2002

a day with pizza . . .

with all my heart and soul i meant to get up this morning, make espresso, and then filled with inspiration from yesterday, create the ultimate chicago stuffed swiss chard pizza for mr. right.

but the weather so perfect, warm and sunny with a refreshingly light breeze from the harbor, that instead we ran down to have pizza at grimaldi's and then out to ride the 1912 carousel in prospect park.

having a saturday pizza for lunch at grimaldi's is proof that brooklyn remains a small town. we all dutifully sat in line for a table for 2 in one of the 6 cracked vinyl chairs on the sidewalk, basking our faces in the sun like turtles on a log. when those ahead get their table, everyone solemnly stands up, moves down a chair, and plops back down in perfect time. the tourists waiting for the double-decker bus stand near the curb with ice cream dripping down their wrists.

we brooklyn natives merely wait our turn for pizza delectation in the spotty shade of the sidewalk trees. although fulton there is a 4-lane semi-highway, few cars actually come down. if you crane your neck back sharply you can see the brooklyn's bridge's tracery embroider the azure backdrop above.

a guy covered in flour comes out the door past the jukebox and vaguely gestures you in. st. peter himself couldn't look so good. . .but still, the park beckoned, and after a pleasant hour at the boathouse, i was thrilled to ride hildita the wonder horse. mr. right charged ahead as his steed, rose, whirled to the tunes of the antique calliope.

that's what a day with pizza is really like. . .

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