Saturday, September 07, 2002

the energy bar?

in a corporate quest for product innovation, multi-national chocolate giant cadbury's has created an entirely new chocolate product: a so-called "chocolate energy bar" containing the herb guarana.

named boost, the company claims the bar offers more buzz than popular "energy drinks" like red bull. after a successful test-market run, it's now been launched into wider distribution throughout the u.k. i expect we will soon see it in the u.s.a. as well.

the bar apparently contains little cookie bits and caramel in a milk-chocolate coating. but when it comes to energy -- what's wrong with sugar and caffeine contained in your normal premium chocolate bar, i have to ask?

cadbury has also introduced a more upscale bon-bon, the mye truffle cone -- a two-layered mole-hill of crunchy cocoa nibs in truffle filling, topped with a white-chocolate mousse, and smothered in cadbury chocolate coating. 3 or 12 to a box.

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