Thursday, September 19, 2002

pizza strike

yes it's true: this coming weekend italians will hold a nationwide strike against pizza. part of a larger protest of what the italians perceive to be unjustified price increases as the nation implements the euro, organizers also are urging their compatriots to avoid pasta for the day. sounds like it'll be risotto and polenta for dinner there on saturday!

and while we're at it, here's a nice article on the state of america's pizza and the vpn. i'm surprised that the author doesn't understand why more upscale eateries aren't hopping on the verace bandwagon: it's because most americans wouldn't like the pizza. the pies decreed by the association are delicious, light, and healthy. they bear little resemblance to the soy-cheese-laden grease monsters americans have delivered in 30 minutes or less.

if you're curious, you can make a wonderful verace-style pie at home quite easily. you'll need a red sauce with wine, too. the techniques are simple; the ingredients, cheap; the results, delectable. those 30-minute or less pies aren't. now that i think about it , why don't we in the u.s.a have a pizza price strike of our own?

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