Wednesday, September 11, 2002

an update

even as i type this, president bush and the first lady are walking down the ramp past a police honor guard into ground zero to meet an assembled group of family members of victims, firefighters, and police.

the west point cadet choir will sing, and after greeting people informally, the president is to lay a wreath before he leaves the area to prepare for what is said to be a national address from ellis island later this evening, around 9pm.

the secret service sharpshooters took positions on all the building rooftops, quite visibly, before 4pm this afternoon. at that time, selected family members were allowed into the pit, where they gathered about the circular marker, now covered with flowers, flags, photos, and other mementos. several colleagues brought their binoculars, and it's actually quite easy to see the president clearly.

we have been asked to remain in the building until 5:30pm. after that, i'm going home.

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