Monday, October 07, 2002

chocolate munchers

very nice article in the new york times yesterday on the famous paris chocolate club, les croqueurs chocolat. membership includes chocolatiers like hevin, constant, and herme; renowned artisans like the baker poilane; society figures like fashion designer sonia rykiel.

again, it's one of those rare articles that makes registering for the times website worth it. the question is when the croqueurs will discover chocolatiers like richard donnelly and then chui foong.

it's great to note that all of these personalities are devoted to eating preimum chocolate on a daily basis. and they should -- everyone knows how good chocolate is for your mental health!

alas none of our favorite commodities dwell apart from the world. they all have their origins in the crazy messed-up situations we all know. thus it is with some dismay i note, with a hat-tip to long-time reader m. simoni, the possibility of blood cocoa in the ivory coast. . .

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