Thursday, October 03, 2002

yoga = fashion

everyone who does yoga knows that yoga clothing is simple, flattering, and very comfortable. which is why many of you i'm sure have, like myself, noticed that people are now wearing their yoga clothes everywhere. i thought this trend was confined to new york, santa monica, sedona, and parts of marin county.

i guess i'm wrong -- this article is running in tennessee!

of course, lots of high end designers are selling their fancy yoga clothes. but i find quality yoga clothes elsewhere at fair prices. i like clothes from bheka, marie wright, sometimes huggermugger.

i especially like bheka -- 2 years ago i bought a racerback unitard from them and it has not shrunk, faded, or stretched out in all that time, even tho' i wear it once a week. maybe because the boot-cut yoga pant is nearly ubiquitous nowadays, i also like marie wright's funky hibiscus print overskirts. . .so the ivy. . .finally, let me mention blue canoe, which carries yoga clothing for real sized women, up to 18! none of this "well, an extra large is really a 12" there! while that's not my size, i appreciate how blue canoe understands that yoga is for everyone, no matter what your body type.

here in new york, you can get the designer yoga clothes, if you must have them, from that pillar of the rag trade: century 21. never pay retail my friends, never -- except for artisanal chocolate and coffee.

the bread you can make yourself. . .

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