Monday, February 24, 2003

search & rescue

it's interesting to see what people search for when they come here to bccy. i'll tell you frankly, the top 2 searches for the past 9 weeks have really surprised me. because they are for things i wouldn't necessarily think, oh yeah, absolutely bccy!

what are these 2 search items? starbucks' fontana syrups and fellow coffee-lover, ashtangi eddie stern. but hey, i'm here to help my readers, so i thought i'd offer the links you really need.

fans of eddie are certainly welcome here -- as is eddie himself, who i think actually is much nicer than his fearsome rep. but if you're looking for eddie info, you need to run over to the almost-impossible-to-find-by-searching ganesha tea stall and eddie's little mag of big ideas, namarupa. so if you're into serious hinduism, run over there.

i think most eddie people arrive here due to my sort-of defense of eddie from some ridiculous slander that has yet to be publicly apologized for, as far as i can tell. but eddie's moved on, so there's no need to dwell on it.

now as for the fontana syrups. in general i try to be a glass-half-full person, but sometimes you just can't do it, you know. and i'm afraid i have to say the fontana syrups just don't taste that great to me. further, not to be rude, but why would you be searching for these starbucks syrups?

is there any doubt where to get 'em? i know it's weird that starbucks has taken 'em down from its online store, but hey, you can hop into your local starbucks storefront or a barnes and noble cafe. . .

long-time readers know i offer the sugar-free white chocolate and dulche de leche syrups from da vinci when my guests ask for a flavored latte. but monin, routin, dolce, torani, and stirling make fine syrups too. just try out a couple of flavors from each until you find the ones that speak most to you. . .

p.s. i'm well aware, sadly, that some hacking jerk has forged a virus email with my email address. my mail is filled with bounces. if you receive such a disaster, don't open it! delete it immediately.

please know that i had nothing to do with it, and my sympathies are with you. i'm sorry you got it, and i'm sorry my email address has been stolen and misused. . .it outta be a crime, as we say in brooklyn. . .

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